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HX – cables & accessories

Our motor and encoder cables as well as the matching accessories for a safe energy supply are perfectly tuned to our linear axes.
16 product(s)
Partition for 1500 chain
Partition for 2400/2500 chain
Partition for 2600 chain
Tape for reduction of noise emissions from the energy chain
Motor cable M23 SEW Movidrive
Network cable/patch cable RJ45 CAT6
Limit switch cable, M8 screw connection
Resolver cable M23 SEW Movidrive
Signal cable 25G 0.5
Motor cable HT-L, open end
Signal cable 12G 0.5
Magic encoder cable incremental with Hall effect sensor, open end
Encoder cable incremental and absolute, open end
Encoderleitung HT-L für Option A, B; ED1
Encoderleitung HT-L für Option D, E; ED1
Encoderleitung HT-L für Option H, R; ED1