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Bearings made easy: Crossed roller bearings – The solution when space is at a premium

Design engineers tasked with designing and developing robots, rotary tables, machine tools and many other types of automation system come up against the same challenge time and time again: the need for a rigid precision bearing in the tightest of spaces.

HIWIN has come up with the ideal solution in the form of its CRB series of crossed roller bearings.

The crossed arrangement of the rollers at an angle of 90° means that the bearings are able to absorb not only axial forces from both directions but also radial forces and tilting moment loads, as well as any load combinations they might be exposed to.

The secret behind the bearing's load capacity is hidden deep inside it. Thanks to their specific geometry, the spacers located between the rollers save a great deal of space, enabling more rolling elements to be packed into the bearing compared with similar models. The special design of the spacers also minimises the points of contact with the rollers and, as a result, friction losses.

The advantages over angular ball bearings or bearings with two bearing positions are obvious: HIWIN crossed roller bearings are much more compact and can therefore be installed in the tightest of spaces. They also score highly where rigidity is concerned. The linear contact of the rolling elements makes the crossed roller bearings three times more rigid than conventional ball bearings.

HIWIN offers its crossed roller bearings in five different models, two preload classes, three accuracy classes and with or without an optional seal – providing the perfect match for any application.