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Stainless steel cover strip for efficient protection: HIWIN roller guide now also available with cover strip

In order to secure linear guideways, mounting holes are required in the profile rail. As mounting the profile rails from above (R rail) is signifi­cantly more economical than mounting from below (T rail), this type of fastening is used in the majority of cases. In order to ensure a long service life for the linear guideway and to effectively protect the block from dirt, the holes in the profile rail must be closed again after mounting.

Thanks to their extremely high load ratings and rigidity, the HIWIN roller guides are frequently used in tool machines or special machine con­struc­tion. Due to the predominantly harsh environmental conditions involved in these applications, the cover caps usually have to be made from brass or steel, which require much more mounting work than the standard plastic cover caps.

The new cover strip for HIWIN CRG linear guideways also offers reliable protection in particularly harsh environmental conditions, while simultaneously enabling rapid mounting. By removing the time-consuming work of pressing in the individual cover caps, mounting times can be reduced by over 90 %.